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Brian's Amphibious Rescue Vehicle

Inventor of the month: Brian Bellingham, alongside his amphibious rescue vehicle.

Welcome to Kiwiingenuity.org, the website devoted to supporting the creativity of New Zealanders. We hope that this site will provide you with interesting and useful information as well as help you find outstanding products and services invented and/or developed by Kiwis. Click here for more details.

This site will feature New Zealand’s most ingenious and useful inventions and ideas, including:

  • Inventions that drastically increase your fuel-economy
  • Ideas and inspirations for cheaper and faster computing
  • Solar, water and wind ideas for home and farm
  • Do-It-Yourself – Anything!
  • Doctor Yourself: NZ traditional ideas for better health
  • Superfoods: Ways toward a more bountiful and nutritious garden
  • NZ’s most ingenious patents


It’s about time New Zealand had a Natural Health Magazine – and here it is.

The Kiwi Ingenuity Catalogue: Where Kiwis can buy the great stuff they’re been denied all these years!

The Kiwi Ingenuity Catalogue will become the first on-line mail-order store to feature some of the most useful (and most beautiful) products made or designed by Kiwis – products that might otherwise have never been made or sold.

However, here at Kiwi Ingenuity.org we understand that many, if not most, of the best ideas and products Kiwis think of and develop never see the light of day and never get into production. We can relate to the frustrations many of us have when our great ideas and new and better ways of doing things are thwarted by “the system”.

Entrenched technologies or “traditions”, no matter how inefficient they may be, are often supported by large financial interests which often manage to scuttle (or buy up) any competition which they see as a commercial threat.

Consequently many great ideas and great products never see the light of day, and are never brought to market.

Kiwi Ingenuity.org will address that problem directly by making the best of these products available to you through our online Kiwi Ingenuity Catalogue.

We created this site to help inspire you pursue your own best ideas – in whatever area they may occur. Whether it’s a new technology, or simply a better way to teach children to swim or read or do maths; whether it’s in agriculture, computers, boating, housing, energy or even astronomy, if there’s a better way to do it, trust a Kiwi to think of it.

The world’s first photograph of an Atom, Rubidium 85, was taken by Kiwi scientists. Click the image to read the article.

After all, “Kiwi Ingenuity” has a firm basis in reality. Always has, and hopefully always will.

We hope that this will be a site that you will visit often and that you will enjoy sharing your skills, knowledge, expertise, as well as selling products you, yourself, have developed.